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Performance Enhancing Sounds 2024 (FULL)

Performance Enhancing Sounds 2024 (FULL)

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Listen For Yourself

Over 2,000 Premium Samples & Presets

Performance Enhancing Sounds 2024

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- EXPANSION (Presets/Samples/Project Files)

- ABSOLUTE DRUMS (Drum Loops/One-Shots)

- PRIME (Serum & Vital Presets)

- SYNTH SPARKS (Synth 1-Shots)

- VIBE SETTERS (Tonal Loops/Atmos)

- CROWD PLEASERS (Ear Candy Effects)

- FX BOOSTERS (Transitional FX)

- ULTIMATE (Project Files/FLPs)

- Breakdown with TERRY MOON (Video)

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The whole shebang, once again

I'm always on the (never-ending) chase for fresh sounds. With that comes a full library of new sounds inspired by KNOCK2, Nostalgix, Saint Punk, and a whole lot of HOT bass house tracks.

62 Serum Presets. 230+ Samples. 2 Project Files.


Drum Loops/One-Shots

Featuring a diverse selection of hard-hitting kicks, crispy snares, and dynamic percussion that captures the essence of modern dance music production, perfect for infusing energy into your tracks across various genres.


Serum & Vital Synth Presets

Ready to go, out of the box synth presets for all your needs. Heavy basses, magical plucks, and screaming leads.


Bass & Synth One-Shots

Without a doubt, the most versatile synth one-shot folder for dance music.


Tonal Atmosphere Loops/Beddings

Modern dance music is all about the vibe. From soft tonal beds, to full rhythmic loops.


Ear Candy & Creative Effects

Straight up, cool effects to sprinkle into your productions.


Transitional Effects

Drag-and-drop effects that to transition your songs. From smooth risers to mainstage impacts, suiting all of your effect needs.


Project Files / FLPS

Take a dive into the project files of the demos to see every detail for yourself (I personally love this).

Breakdown with TERRY MOON

Bass House/Ensis Records

I join Terry Moon in breaking down his well-received song 'Let Me Go', which has topped over 100,000 streams on Spotify