Martin Garrix Vital Presets

Plus X for Vital (Inspired by Martin Garrix, AREA21, Ytram)

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Plus X for Vital is focused on having ready-to-use sounds right out of the box, inspired and curated around Martin Garrix.


In the bank, you will find a ton of inspiring and unique sounds, with over 110+ presets that are club & radio-ready. 

When you have been in the game for as long as Martin Garrix, your sound is going to evolve over time. This gave me even more inspiration to dig back to his older sounds and analyze his newer sounds.

This bank contains: 26 Leads, 18 Basses, 12 Chords (Drop Chords), 12 Pads, 8 FX, 26 Plucks, 3 Subs, 3 Strings, 2 808s, 2 Pianos, 1 Drone

All inspired by the evolved sound of Martin Garrix.

Check out the DEMO version here