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Course: Slap House from Start to Finish

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If you have ever felt like you’re missing out on slap house because you don’t know exactly how to cook it up, this masterclass is for you! 


Whats Included?


2 Hour Start to Finish Video Masterclass

40+ Modern Slap House Presets for VITAL

A Production Guide Summary PDF


I want you to come out of this masterclass feeling confident that you can produce slap house songs right next to the top dogs on Spotify! 

In this, I’ll be creating a brand new song from start to finish! I’ll be going over how I create chords, melodies, arrangement, sound selection, sample selection, mixing, and mastering. 

I’ve also included a FREE Vital soundbank for Slap house which includes 40 presets with leads, basses, pads, and more!

So come on and join me for this exclusive masterclass made for all serious producers!